Nempos Suite

NonPOS is the control center of the restaurant or shop, in fact it allows you to easily manage the aspects associated that kind of business: purchases, inventory, cash flows and payments in general and staff management.


The "Cloud" nature of NemPOS allows you to keep your data under control. Whenever you want, wherever you are


With just a few simple steps, you can manage an entire chain of outlets.

NemesiX Suite
NemPOS componenti della suite

The Components of the suite

NemPOS Backoffice

NemPOS Backoffice is the control center of your outlets.

NemPOS FrontEnd
Front End

NemPOS Frontend is the simple, robust and reliable POS software.

NemPOS Gateway

NemPOS Gateway is the component that allows the suite to open to the world.

NemPOS Dashboard

NemPOS Dashboard is the traveling companion: it lets you always have the data at your fingertips.


Multi store solutions

NemPOS Suite was created with the objective of making it easy to manage a chain of restaurants and stores. Data security is at the heart of system architecture, making NemPOS Suite the ideal solution for chains with direct or franchise sales chains.

"Cloud" nature facilitates the implementation of NemPOS Suites on geographic networks; messaging and server communications are safe because they are encrypted using SSL protocol.

Data Analysis

The main function of NemPOS Suite is to collect data that allows you to have control of a shop or the whole chain of retail outlets. For this reason, during the implementation of NemPOS Suite, the database architecture is at the top of the list of priorities. il database di NemPOS per popolare datawarehouse sui quali vengono costruiti cruscotti personalizzati secondo le esigenze del cliente.

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